Journal of Narrative Politics

Journal of Narrative Politics is an interdisciplinary journal rooted in the study of global politics that explores narrative methods in research, writing, and pedagogy. The journal foregrounds the positioning of authors and storytellers in their craft and it aims to publish a diverse range of expressions from this engagement. While concerned with aesthetics, Journal of Narrative Politics is not a literary journal. Instead, it is committed to exploring the overlaps between aesthetics, politics, theory, and ethics. Unlike other scholarly social science journals devoted to narrative, Journal of Narrative Politics is less concerned with the objectivist academic analysis of narrative, and more with the expression of narrative itself as a mode of knowing and a form of scholarship. The journal therefore aims to operate in the overlap between the languages of science and literature with the goal of showing how theory becomes practice and practice theory. It commits to diverse ways of storytelling as knowledge appropriate to the academy, rather than as merely the objects of scholarly inquiry.

Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2017

Table of Contents


T. J.
Swallowing Stories
Anna Hammarstedt
Gaming Brer Rabbit: The Trickster and the Limits of Knowledge
Kelsey Peterson, Perin G├╝rel
ellipse // ellipsis
Kourtney Selak
Notes on memory, home and fieldwork
Vjosa Musliu