RETROSPECTIVE. Produced by Annie Lee. Edited by Annie Lee. Stories by Eunice Chen and Chung Ming Lee. Footage by Winston Chen, Annie Lee, Ann Tseng, and Zenna Wong. Music by Teng Yu-Hsien, Lee Lin-Chiu, Liu Xue-An, and Huang Tzu. Performed by Sun Sun and Annie Lee.

Annie Lee is currently pursuing a Masters in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the London School of Economics. She completed the University of British Columbia-Sciences Po dual degree program in 2018, where she studied economics, international relations, and environmental studies. Growing up Taiwanese-Canadian has deeply shaped the trajectory of Annie's academic interests, and this film was created as part of one of her undergraduate courses at UBC. She hopes to continue working on narratives and politics of memory in post-conflict contexts, and can be reached at


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