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Udbhav Agarwal

Udbhav Agarwal is studying for a PhD in the political science department at Johns Hopkins University. He lost his grandfather in February of 2014 and his great grandmother in January 2018. He was lucky to be there for both their last rites, parts of which make up this piece. He is grateful to Professors William Hoynes and Himadeep Muppidi and friends (Sam, Yasmine, Ruoyu, Sherry, Ria, Quinnie and Anish) from the 2017 iteration of “Seminar on Global Political Thought” at Vassar College for their time, readership and therapy. Udbhav is currently working on a short book on his city of Allahabad, narrative politics “shtyle” (forthcoming from Aleph Book Company). He can be reached at




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